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1 OpenStreetMap editor for mobile devices
2 ---------------------------------------
3 [JOSM](http://josm.openstreetmap.org) and [Merkaartor](http://merkaartor.be/)
4 are really nice programs for editing OpenStreetMap data on the desktop, and
5 [OSMTracker](http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSMtracker) is acceptable for
6 Windows Mobile devices. However, OSMTracker is very inflexible when it comes
7 to tagging abilities. So a perfect mobile application would combine the best
8 of both worlds:
10 * displaying the raw XML data, maybe in real-time via mobile internet
11 connection
12 * displaying the rendered map
13 * recording a GPX track
14 * take pictures if the mobile device features a camera
15 * serve as a voice recorder
16 * adding and tagging nodes, ways, and maybe relations in a key=value manner
17 * maybe allow presets for different objects, like JOSM has. These could be
18 implemented like the customizable buttons in OSMTracker.
19 * auto-completion for keys and values would be great for people like me
20 who cannot remember actual tag names...
21 * The absolute killer feature would be the ability to automatically import
22 the changed data into desktop software like JOSM/Merkaartor, and export
23 diffs.
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