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1 [[!meta title="A Highlighting plugin for PDF files"]]
2 [[!meta author="rohieb"]]
3 [[!meta license="CC-BY-SA 3.0"]]
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6 In my [[last post|optimizing-xsane-s-scanned-pdfs]], I used ikiwiki‘s [highlight
7 plugin][iwhl] to highlight PDF files. But since the underlying [highlight][]
8 library did not support highlighting for PDF files yet, I had to write my own
9 highlighting definition. Due to limitiations in the library, it's not perfect;
10 for example, it does not highlight things inside streams, but in case you’re
11 interested, you can get the source:
13 * [`pdf.lang`](/projects/pdf.lang)
15 [iwhl]:
16 [highlight]:
18 [[!tag PDF meta project highlight]]
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