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7 Some of you may have noticed that I have put Flattr buttons below my
8 posts. For those who are not familiar with Flattr: It is a micropayment
9 service which allows you to show your appreciation for (free) content by
10 making small donations to its author. Basically it works by spending
11 only a fixed (but adjustable) amount of money per month, so you don’t
12 have to worry about how much you can afford; and clicking Flattr buttons
13 for things you like. At the end of the month, the money you decided to
14 spend is divided by the number of Flattr buttons you clicked in this
15 month, and the fractions are given to the respective authors. So if
16 you decide to spend $4 each month, and you click four Flattr buttons
17 of four different authors, every author gets $1. There is also a
18 nice video on the [Flattr homepage][0] that explains the idea:
20 [0]:
22 <iframe class="youtube" width="560" height="315"
23 src="" frameborder="0"
24 allowfullscreen></iframe>
26 So, from now on, if you like, you can flattr me. Just sign up on
27 and click the buttons below each post :-)
29 &lt;commercial />
31 **Note:** The standard
32 click-on-the-fly-and-show-how-many-users-have-flattrd-this button needs
33 JavaScript, which is bad and takes away your privacy, so I only use the
34 static button which directs you to the thing on the flattr site.
36 [[!tag Flattr micropayment video]]
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