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1 %% Introduction
2 \section{Introduction}
4 Following the vision of the ``Internet of Things'', the amount of wireless
5 devices is steadily increasing, which not only improves our standard of living
6 in an age where information is expected to be available at one's fingertips, but
7 also poses challenges. New devices need to be integrated into existing network
8 setups, but when considering sensor nodes with very limited input capabilities,
9 manual configuration can be a cumbersome process -- such devices must be readily
10 usable out of the box, and should interoperate with existing infrastructure.
11 Moreover, users need to communicate with their devices, they need to know which
12 devices exist and use the information they collect, while too much or
13 unstructured information leads to information overflow, effectively discouraging
14 the user from using the network.
16 This paper gives an overview of the ``Chatty Things'' approach as presented by
17 Klauck and Kirsche~\cite{klauck-kirsche-chattythings}, which proposes solutions
18 for information filtering, auto-configuration of devices and service discovery,
19 while using standard chat clients for human-to-machine communication.
20 Section~\ref{sec:prereq} introduces the used techniques,
21 Section~\ref{sec:arch} describes the proposed system architecture for Chatty
22 Things, and Section~\ref{sec:discussion} discusses possible future enhancements
23 and compares Chatty Things to similar approaches.
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