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1 [[!meta title="Sync your Windows Mobile 5/6 PDA with your Linux PC"]]
2 [[!meta date="2009-10-30"]]
3 [[!meta author="rohieb"]]
4 [[!meta license="CC-BY-SA 3.0"]]
6 I recently bought a new (ok, a rather old ;-)) PDA, and I got used to
7 the calendar and task features in Windows Mobile. Of course, I also
8 wanted to synchronise all the tasks, appointments, contacts and files
9 with my PC, but whatever I tried, it didn’t work somehow on my Ubuntu
10 9.04 machine… So, I’ve got it now: I had do blacklist the `ipaq` kernel
11 module which wrongly handled the PDA when I plugged it in (i.  e.
12 edit `/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf` and insert the line `blacklist
13 ipaq`), and then the [manual from][1] suddenly worked
14 like a charm :-)
16 [1]:
18 [[!tag howto Ubuntu blacklist Evolution iPAQ kernel_module Linux PDA
19 synchronisation Ubuntu Windows_Mobile]]
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