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6 As I’m currently working to get a master’s degree in university, I had to write
7 a seminar paper. I got lucky and the topic “Chatty Things – Making the Internet
8 of Things Readily Usable with XMPP” sounded very interesting to me :-) As the
9 title suggests, the paper describes how the [XMPP][] protocol can be employed to
10 facilitate user access to smart devices in the [Internet of Things][IoT], and
11 some thoughts on preventing information overflow on the user. If this sounds
12 interesting to you as well, you should read my [paper][] or scroll through the
13 [presentation slides][pres] ;-) The paper is licensed as [CC BY-ND 3.0][ccbynd]
14 (of course, you shouldn’t use it for *your own* paper :P), the presentation
15 slides are [CC BY-SA 3.0][ccbysa], and if you want to re-use it, have a look at
16 the [L<sup>A</sup>T<sub>E</sub>X code][code].
18 [XMPP]: "Wikipedia: XMPP"
19 [IoT]: "Wikipedia: Internet of Things"
20 [ccbynd]: "Creative Commons: Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license"
21 [ccbysa]: "Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license"
22 [code]: "Git repository skm-ma-ws1314"
23 [paper]: /docs/skm-ma-chatty-things-paper.pdf "Seminar paper (PDF)"
24 [pres]: /docs/skm-ma-chatty-things-slides.pdf "Presentation slides (PDF)"
26 Apart from the matter handled in the paper, I also acquired some additional
27 skills:
29 * Learn to motivate myself. The [Pomodoro technique][pomodoro], in conjunction
30 with chocolatey sweets for extrinsic gratification, seems to work quite well
31 for me.
32 * Learn to use [Ti<em>k</em>Z][tikz] to draw figures in
33 L<sup>A</sup>T<sub>E</sub>X. I already wanted to use it for a while, but it
34 seemed complex and have a steep learning curve. It turns out that the
35 Ti<em>k</em>Z/PGF manual is very illustrative, and has an exhaustive index for
36 easy skimming.
37 * Learn to deliver a good(?) talk. I recently discovered [][] by Zach
38 Holman, and apparently the tips he gives there seem to work and I felt much
39 more secure than on previous talks. Also: a lot of practice. And test
40 sessions. And I ditched his advice on slide design, I like my slides
41 with latex-beamer :P
43 [pomodoro]: "Wikipedia: Pomodoro method"
44 [tikz]:
45 []:
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