2013-10-23 Roland Hieberblag: disable comments for now
2013-10-23 Roland Hieberblag: do not mark current date on calendar (otherwise...
2013-10-23 Roland Hieberblag: make calendar start on monday
2013-10-23 Roland Hieberblag: convert (and slightly improve) blogposts from...
2013-10-23 Roland Hieberport old HTML Flattr links to new flattrthing directive
2013-10-23 Roland Hieberfork page.tmpl and add flattrthing plugin to auto-gener...
2013-10-23 Roland Hieberadd blog structure from ikiwiki/auto-blog.setup below...
2013-10-23 Roland Hiebergeneral overhaul and syntax simplifications
2013-10-23 Roland Hieberuse meta title rather than markdown headers
2013-10-16 Roland Hiebergit repos moved to git.rohieb.name
2013-10-12 Roland Hieberwishlist: +John Scalzi: The Ghost Brigades
2013-09-27 Roland Hieberinfopoint-html: license is now Apache-2.0, remove TODO
2013-09-12 Roland Hiebersync pgp key
2013-09-12 Roland Hieberindex: geojackal moved to GitHub after sf.net started...
2013-09-12 Roland Hiebercontact: statusnet is outdated
2013-09-12 Roland Hieberwishlist: strikeout is somehow unneccessary, either...
2013-09-12 Roland Hieberwishlist: update
2013-06-29 Roland Hieberwishlist update
2013-04-27 Roland HieberLaTeX-Vorlage Schufa-Auskunftsantrag nach BDSG
2013-04-01 Roland Hieberwishlist: Till Roenneberg, Wie wir ticken/Internal...
2013-03-16 Roland Hieber+link to github talks repo
2013-02-24 Roland Hieberwishlist: linkfix
2013-02-24 Roland Hieberwishlist update, link to lanyrd for conferences
2012-12-07 Roland Hieberlinkfix
2012-12-07 Roland Hieberupdated wishlist
2012-10-11 Roland Hieberold pgp key has expired
2012-09-20 Roland Hieberwishlist: -oxygene, +gang of four book
2012-08-28 Roland Hieberwishlist: external backup drive
2012-08-09 Roland HieberWishlist update
2012-04-19 Roland Hieberwishlist: +Mastering Regular Expressions
2012-01-06 Roland Hieberwishlist: +desk lamp, -Darf ich Zahlen
2011-12-14 Roland HieberStephen R. Covey: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective...
2011-11-29 Roland Hieberwishlist: corrent title & ISBN for "Fermat's Last Theor...
2011-11-25 Roland Hiebergot the crypto book by Wätjen
2011-11-04 Roland Hiebermore wishlist books (and some formatting)
2011-10-25 Roland Hieberfix broken http link to statusnet
2011-10-24 Roland Hiebercontact: StatusNet/OStatus
2011-10-03 Roland Hieberwishlist: Kindle also without keyboard, Neal Stephenson...
2011-09-29 Roland Hieberwishlist: introduction, +Kindle
2011-09-28 Roland Hieberno toaster anymore
2011-09-21 Roland Hieberwishlist: toaster, potholders, no more Lord of War
2011-09-18 Roland Hieberwishlist: Linux-Treiber entwickeln
2011-09-03 Roland Hiebernew pgp key
2011-08-01 Roland Hieberoops... add contact page...
2011-08-01 Roland Hiebermake title larger
2011-08-01 Roland HieberRevert "line below the breadcrumbs", that doesn't work...
2011-07-31 Roland Hieberline below the breadcrumbs
2011-07-31 Roland Hiebercontact page, some minor changes
2011-07-31 Roland HieberBachelor thesis
2011-07-15 Roland Hieberprojects: sketches for federated social network with...
2011-07-15 Roland Hieberprojects: JOSM has plugin for copying tags from previou...
2011-07-15 Roland Hieberprojects: move OSM editor for mobile devices to single...
2011-07-13 Roland Hieberwish list
2011-07-07 Roland Hieberwish list
2011-06-04 Roland HieberIdeas for new software projects
2011-05-28 Roland HieberGeoJackal project page
2011-03-28 Roland Hieberprojects/infopoint-html: Screenshot gallery, still...
2011-03-28 Roland Hieberlink fix
2011-03-28 Roland Hieberconvertred projects/infopoint-html.mdwn from original...
2011-03-27 Roland Hieberconverted projects/infopoint-html from original web...
2011-03-26 Roland Hieberconverted old index site
2011-03-26 rootinitial commit
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