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2016-12-06 Roland Hieberupdate gpg key, move away from only giving 4 bytes...
2016-07-02 Roland Hieberindex: hgweb is dead
2015-07-23 Roland Hieberimplement xkcd #1553
2015-06-25 Roland Hieberoverhaul index, remove dead projects etc, add github...
2013-11-09 Roland Hieberadd page about rohieb.name Debian repository
2013-10-23 Roland Hieberadd blog structure from ikiwiki/auto-blog.setup below...
2013-10-16 Roland Hiebergit repos moved to git.rohieb.name
2013-09-12 Roland Hieberindex: geojackal moved to GitHub after sf.net started...
2013-04-27 Roland HieberLaTeX-Vorlage Schufa-Auskunftsantrag nach BDSG
2013-03-16 Roland Hieber+link to github talks repo
2012-10-11 Roland Hieberold pgp key has expired
2011-09-03 Roland Hiebernew pgp key
2011-07-31 Roland Hiebercontact page, some minor changes
2011-07-31 Roland HieberBachelor thesis
2011-07-07 Roland Hieberwish list
2011-03-28 Roland Hieberlink fix
2011-03-26 Roland Hieberconverted old index site
2011-03-26 rootinitial commit
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