2014-02-09 Roland Hieberpresentation: clean up mdns+dnssd example slide presentation
2014-02-09 Roland Hieberremove tu-bs beamer theme, since it is licensed under GPL
2014-02-09 Roland Hieberfinal presentation slides final-presentation
2014-02-09 Roland Hieberadd IBR beamer template
2014-02-09 Roland Hieberseparate xmpp arch figure from text for reusablility
2014-01-17 Roland Hieberredraw example XMPP stream with TikZ/PGF reviews final-after-review
2014-01-17 Roland Hiebertodonotes are no longer needed
2014-01-17 Roland Hieberdns extensions: slight reformulation
2014-01-17 Roland Hiebervertical space and font optimization
2014-01-17 Roland Hieberextract XEP outlook to separate section
2014-01-15 Roland Hiebercite GoF for Observer pattern
2014-01-15 Roland Hieberreviewer #1 wants citation for PTR records and short...
2014-01-15 Roland Hieberreviewer #1 is right, this section is in fact very...
2014-01-15 Roland Hieberspellcheck
2013-12-23 Roland HieberExample stream between a sensor node and a client,... final final-pre-review
2013-12-23 Roland Hieberpolishing
2013-12-23 Roland Hieberintroduction, connecting sections
2013-12-23 Roland Hiebersmaller bibliography for more content
2013-12-23 Roland Hieberfinish additional XEPs
2013-12-23 Roland Hieberpolishing
2013-12-23 Roland Hiebersparse lists
2013-12-23 Roland Hiebersync: additional XEPs
2013-12-20 Roland Hieberuse todonotes package
2013-12-20 Roland HieberXMPP architecture diagram with TikZ
2013-12-16 Roland Hieberfix references, tuning
2013-12-14 Roland Hiebersync: discussion erste-version
2013-12-14 Roland Hiebersync: xmpp pubsub, multi-user chat
2013-12-14 Roland Hiebersync: Temporary Subscription for Presence
2013-12-14 Roland Hiebersync: chatty things: service provisioning, bootstrap
2013-12-14 Roland Hieberrename files
2013-12-14 Roland Hiebersync: XMPP Serverless Messaging
2013-12-13 Roland Hiebersync: dns introduction
2013-12-13 Roland Hieberallow \todo to take a parameter
2013-12-13 Roland Hieberfavor sans-serif over monospace font, better spacing
2013-12-13 Roland Hiebersync: xmpp communication primitives, dns-sd, outline...
2013-12-09 Roland Hieberxmpp: addressing and architecture
2013-12-08 Roland Hiebersync: finish mdns
2013-12-08 Roland Hieberfinish addressing
2013-12-08 Roland Hiebersync: address allocation
2013-11-11 Roland Hieberoutline, biblio
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