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3 ## Software Projects I currently work or have worked on
5 These are mostly software projects to scratch my own itch, and I consider most
6 of them finished.
8 * [[projects/geojackal]] – A geocache management database
9 * [[projects/infopoint-html]] – A full screen web page viewer for info terminals
10 * [`pdf.lang`](pdf.lang) – PDF syntax description for the [highlight][] library
12 [highlight]: http://www.andre-simon.de/doku/highlight/en/highlight.php
14 ## Ideas for new software projects
16 Here I collect sketches for software that I still need to write (or that I
17 would like to be seen written by someone else...), and features that
18 IMHO still need to be implemented in existing software.
20 This section can also serve as a source of inspiration for people that have too
21 much time on their hands... ;-) Feel free to [[drop me a note|contact]] if you
22 should start realizing one of it, so I can update the information here.
24 * [[Sketches for a federated social network|projects/crypto-fsn]] with full control
25 over your own data by using strong cryptography
26 * [[OpenStreetMap editor for mobile devices|projects/osm-mobile]]
28 ### JOSM: Nice-to-have
29 What I would like to see in [JOSM][], the Java OpenStreetMap Editor:
30 * Raw diff view of the changed XML data. The current preview in the upload
31 dialog is too simple.
32 * <strike>A function to copy a bunch of tags from one object to another. Example: I
33 have a node tagged with `shop=florist`, `opening_hours=...` and want to
34 transfer these tags to the surrounding building to delete the node
35 afterwards.</strike> implemented in [utilsplugin2][]
37 [JOSM]: http://josm.openstreetmap.org
38 [utilsplugin2]: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JOSM/Plugins/UtilsPlugin2#Copy_tags_from_previous_selection
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