2010-02-03 Roland Hieberfixed Box::Extend(Vec3f&) master
2010-02-03 Roland HieberScene::CalcBounds(), including Box::Extend(Box&), Box...
2010-02-03 Roland HieberInVoxel() for all Primitives, including fix for Triangl...
2010-02-03 Roland Hieberbox overlapping
2010-02-03 Roland Hieber(hopefully) finished Box::Clip()
2010-02-01 Roland Hiebersave commit
2010-01-31 Roland HieberCalcBounds for other Primitives... ;-)
2010-01-31 Roland Hiebersolution for 4.1b,c
2010-01-31 Roland Hieberdrand() needs <cstdlib>
2010-01-30 Roland Hiebercode for assignment 4, gitignored *.ppm, *.png
2010-01-27 Roland Hiebernot finished yet, but better than before
2010-01-27 Roland HieberPhong does not work yet, but saving here
2010-01-26 Roland Hiebersolution for 3.1a)
2010-01-25 Roland Hiebermmh, there was something missing for assignment 3
2010-01-25 Roland Hiebercode for assignment 3
2010-01-21 Roland Hieberreadded anti-aliasing
2010-01-21 Roland HieberWORKING ReflectiveEyelightShader \o/
2010-01-20 Roland Hieberstill broken ReflectiveEyeLightShader, saving it for...
2010-01-20 Roland Hieberstill broken reflective eyelight shader, solution for...
2010-01-20 Roland Hiebersimple anti-aliasing
2010-01-20 Roland Hiebersolution to assignment 2.2 b): eyelight shader
2010-01-20 Roland Hiebersolution to assignment 2.2 b): surface normalsD
2010-01-18 Roland Hiebersolution for assignment 2.2: working flat shader
2010-01-18 Roland Hieberdebug for Makefile
2010-01-18 Roland Hieberbinary scanner configuration for .cproject
2010-01-18 Roland Hiebersolution for assignment 2.1
2010-01-18 Roland Hieberadded make clean, make all to .cproject
2010-01-17 Roland Hiebercode for assignment 2
2010-01-17 Roland Hieberrename eclipse project
2010-01-13 Roland Hieberremoved unneeded stuff from makefile and added debug...
2010-01-13 Roland Hiebertests and fixes for vector implementation
2010-01-12 Roland Hiebervector class
2010-01-12 Roland Hiebercode from assignment 1
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