2011-01-20 Roland Hieberturn: allow negative values for orientation input,... master
2011-01-20 Roland Hiebercorrect tick diff calculation for first iteration
2011-01-18 also check for git-svn if there are...
2011-01-18 svnhiebersome minor refactoring
2011-01-18 now better; first looks for svn info...
2011-01-12 svnhieberlog fixes
2011-01-11 svnhieberfix compile error
2011-01-11 svnhieberencoder tick "wrapping", some useful initialisations
2010-12-02 svnhieberignore binaries, svnrevision.h
2010-12-02 svnhieberalways update svnrevision.h, also work with git svn
2010-12-02 svnhieberlog groud type, Roomba ID and type of move
2010-12-02 svnhieberprint SVN revision in log output
2010-12-01 svnhieber+make clean
2010-12-01 svnhieberreserve stdout for log output
2010-12-01 svnhieberbetter use only sensor data when it is available, not...
2010-12-01 svnhiebermake == make all
2010-12-01 Application that writes the Roomba...
2010-12-01 svnhieberfix maximum input limit for measured angle
2010-12-01 svnhiebercalc orientation with measured angle, not with desired...
2010-12-01 svnhieberadded information about current Roomba orientation...
2010-12-01 svnhasemannFixed byte-swapping for roomba battery data
2010-11-30 svnhieberQt fixes for pre-4.5
2010-11-30 svnhiebersimple Roomba test suite with Qt dialogs
2010-11-27 svnhieberRoomba test suite
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